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Book Sculptures

The Rosenberg Library Museum hosted a unique and exciting show developed by the Friends of the Rosenberg Library and the College of the Mainland Sculpture Classes. Exhibited on January 22, 2011, for ArtWalk, the show featured a rare blend of literature mixed with art.

The event introduced a variety of book sculptures crafted by students of the Fine Arts Program at the College of the Mainland during the 2010 fall semester. The sculpture students developed these distinctive pieces of art by using remaining books given to the class by the Friends of the Rosenberg Library. These delightfully outrageous sculptures are the results of two separate assignments, Books as Building Units and Altered Books. Books as Building Units challenged students to concentrate on innovative ways to attach books together as a means to create larger structures. Altered Books was inventively themed around bringing in other materials, textures, colors, and associations to entirely cover the original bindings of the books. The books which were used in these projects were ones that did not sell in the Friend’s annual book sale and were not taken in by other local non-profit organizations.

In addition to their dedicated support for library materials, services and programs, the Friends of the Rosenberg Library endeavor to find good homes for all of the residual books that do not sell each year during their annual sale. This past year the Friends were able to distribute most of the remaining books to local non-profit organizations including several local clubs and school groups. Those leftover by the non-profit groups were then donated to various fine arts programs including the sculpture class at the College of the Mainland.

Book Sculpture pieces from both projects could be seen on the first floor of the Rosenberg Library during ArtWalk, and several students were there to share more information about their inspirations and creations. Following ArtWalk, the show was on display in the fourth floor Harris Gallery. The Museum would like to extend special appreciation to Jill Randall of the Friends and George Bowes of the COM’s Fine Arts Department for exploring this innovative idea of using books as art!