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Rosenberg Library Welcomes Patrons Back
With Van Gogh Exhibit

Rosenberg Library featured a traveling exhibit of artist Vincent Van Gogh designed especially for children and their families. Brightly colored images on lightweight satin hung from the ceiling in the grand hall, and the set included five of his works: “Starry Night” 1889, “Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear and Pipe” 1889, “Yellow Wheat and Cypresses” 1889, “Café Terrace at Night” 1888, and “Trees in the Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital” 1889.

Van Gogh (1853 - 1890) is known in the art world as one of the first artists to use color as expression, and also to paint his own emotional reaction to his subjects. His canvases are recognizable for their visible brushstrokes and apparent texture. Art historians credit him with paving the way towards Expressionism and abstraction. During his lifetime he created around 900 paintings and 1100 drawings – but just one was sold. It was not until after his death that he experienced recognition and fame in the art world.

At the time of this exhibit, Rosenberg Library was in the recovery phase from Hurricane Ike. A limited area was available for new book and DVD browsing. A 5-station Internet access area and a children’s area were also near the entry way. Though the book stacks were closed, materials could be ordered online and picked up at the library.

The Van Gogh Exhibit was the first in a series of traveling exhibits from Teachers Discovery and was a joint project between the Museum and Children’s departments offered free to the public.