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Past Treasures

"Such a library as ours would not only contain books and current periodicals,
but there would be...articles of historic, scientific, and artistic interest."

~ Frank C. Patten, Head Librarian of Rosenberg Library, 1904 - 1934

The Library accepted its first museum piece shortly after it opened in 1904. Since then, thousands of rare and interesting objects from around the world have been added to the collection. Displayed in these pages are the Library's "Treasures of the Month."

December 2016 "Treasure of the Month"
The Christmas Card Collection of Z.L. White
Christmas card from the Z.L. White Family Collection, ca. 1880.

Christmas card from the Z.L. White Family Collection, ca. 1880.

During the month of December, Rosenberg Library will exhibit a collection of historic Christmas cards donated by Mr. and Mrs. Z.L. White, Jr. in 1946. The oldest cards in the collection belonged to Mr. White’s parents and date from the 1870s. The later cards, which date from the 1920s, were addressed to the donors and to their extended family members.

About the White Family

Z.L. White, Jr. of Galveston was the son of Zebulon Lewis White, a distinguished American journalist during the 19th century. Born in Massachusetts in 1842, White graduated from Tufts College in 1866. He became a reporter for the New York Tribune, quickly advancing to day editor. In 1870, he was named chief Washington correspondent and covered several political conventions. After the death of his first wife, Z.L. White married Ida Morton Drummond in 1882, and together the couple raised two daughters and two sons, including Zebulon Lewis, Jr.

Born in 1875, Zebulon Lewis, Jr. settled in Galveston in 1894 and began his career in real estate insurance. His wife, Louise Robertson Lewis (d. 1973), was an accomplished organist. The Whites were generous supporters of Rosenberg Library, donating countless rare books and artifacts to the collection. The couple had two children and lived at 2602 Avenue N (Ursuline) for many years.


The Treasure of the Month is located on the library’s historic second floor near the East Entrance. It can be viewed during regular library hours, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, please contact the Museum Office at 409-763-8854 x 125.

Past Treasures

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