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Wooden blocks like this one were used for paving Galveston's Market Street in 1875. Wood was preferable to brick or cobblestone pavement in some areas because it was gentler for horses and wagons and produced less noise (gift of Kathleen Bracken). January 2018
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Vintage postcard from the Buccaneer Hotel (image courtesy of Rosenberg Library). January 2017
The Buccaneer
Henry Rosenberg poses with a group in front of the Henry Rosenberg Free School (second from left). This original ca. 1889 photograph was a recent gift of Shirley Convirs [Rosenberg Library Galveston and Texas History Center Collection]. February 2017
The Rosenberg
Free School
19th century gold pocket watch from Tiffany and Co. which belonged to Galveston businessman Adolph Flake (1832 - 1892). It is engraved with his initials [gift of Muriel Flake]. March 2017
Captain Herbert A. Robertson (1877 - 1920) April 2017
E. Ingraham & Co. mantle clock, 19th century. May 2017
Early 20th century slide rule which belonged to architect Andrew Fraser. The predecessors to calculators, slide rules were used to make rapid mathematical calculations. June 2017
A pair of antique pince nez from the Galveston Optical Company. July 2017
A wooden hair comb, a floral hair ornament, and a kimono cord, all atop a silk obi. These items were acquired in Japan by Galveston resident George Sealy II in 1939. August 2017
from Japan
Ribbon worn at the 1896 Labor Day celebration held in Galveston. September 2017
Labor Day
John Charles League (1851 - 1916) October 2017
This ca. 1885 hand fan is made of turkey tail feathers and features
a braided rattan handle. It belonged to Magnolia Willis Sealy of Galveston. November 2017
Tail Fan
Gold lace ball gown worn to the 100<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Ball of the Galveston Artillery Club, December 1940. The gown was handmade by Hattie Williams, a Galveston dressmaker.. December 2017
Galveston Artillery
Ball Souvenirs
Galveston’s iconic Ashton Villa was El Mina’s temple from about 1928 to 1970 (image courtesy of the Galveston and Texas History Center). January 2016
El Mina Temple
Verkin studio portrait of Galveston businessman and philanthropist John H. Sealy (image courtesy of Rosenberg Library). February 2016
John H. Sealy
Pitcher presented to William Scrimgeour, first officer of General Rusk, on March 15, 1861 by the Rio Grande Regiment (image courtesy of Rosenberg Library Museum). March 2016
Presentation Pitcher
Congressmen listening to Nixon's White House tapes during impeachement hearings. April 2016
President Nixon
and Watergate
Entrance to Nathan's department store, ca. 1947. May 2016
Vintage postcard with a view of Joyland Park and beachfront as seen from the Hotel Galvez. The Garden of Tokio is the frame building located just behind the round, tented structure. June 2016
Garden of Tokio
Book plate honoring the sacrifice Henry Bennett made as merchant marine during World War II. One of his most meaningful gifts to the Library was a copy of Charles Hayes' book, Galveston: History of the Island and the City. July 2016
Henry Bennett
Advertising poster for the inaugural Cotton Carnival which was held the first week of August in 1909 [gift of the heirs of J.W. Lockhart]. August 2016
Cotton Carnival
Dr. William and Edna Levin talk with George Mitchell at the grand opening of the San Luis. September 2016
Opening of the
San Luis
Msgr. James Martin Kirwin (1872 - 1926). October 2016
High School
Vintage Ballot Box November 2016
Ballot Boxes
Christmas card from the Z.L. White Family Collection, ca. 1880. December 2016
Z.L. White
Card Collection
Drawing after conservation efforts January 2015
Capture of USS Harriet Lane
Darst dress February 2015
Tribute to Lise Darst
Championship Ring March 2015
Beau Bell's 1934
Championship Ring
Texas Heroes Monument April 2015
Texas Heroes Monument
Couple on the Seawall May 2015
Vintage License Plates
Alfreda Houston June 2015
The Legacy of
Alfreda Houston
Father A.C. Schaper and son E.A. Schaper Sr. pose by their mule driven milk wagon. July 2015
Star Dairy
James B. Stubbs August 2015
James B. Stubbs
James B. Stubbs September 2015
Pioneer of Galveston
Public Education
Jean Scrimgeour Morgan October 2015
Jean Scrimgeour Morgan
Galveston's Wagon Bridge November 2015
Wagon Bridge
Holiday Ornaments December 2015
Holiday Ornaments
Public Library metal sign January 2014
First Public Library of Texas
Tribute to Mr. Mardi Gras February 2014
Tribute to Mr. Mardi Gras
Victorian Silverware March 2014
Victorian Silverware
Rosenberg Library's First Librarian April 2014
First Rosenberg Library Librarian
Vintage Bathing Suit May 2014
Vintage Bathing Suit
Reverend Andrew Walker Berry June 2014
Avenue L Missionary
Baptist Church
Fishermen July 2014
Remembering Trustee
John Goggan
The Tremont Hotel August 2014
The Tremont Hotel
Galveston Municipal Band 1933 September 2014
Tribute to Felix Stella
Isadore Lovenberg October 2014
Galveston's First Middle School
St. Mary's Infirmary November 2014
The Historic St. Mary's Infirmary
First Christmas Card December 2014
Vintage Christmas Cards
Ursuline AcademyJanuary 2013
Ursuline Academy Artifacts
Mardi GrasFebruary 2013
1949 Mardi Gras
Directory March 2013
Justus Zahn, Photographer
Sawfish April 2013
Smalltooth Sawfish Rostra
Cotton May 2013
Galveston Cotton Exchange
Baseball June 2013
Galveston Buccaneers
Elite Café July 2013
Elite Café
Causeway August 2013
September 2013
Vintage Ladies' Hats
Silver Service October 2013
Silver Service
J.F. Smith & Bros. Company November 2013
J.F. Smith & Bros. Co.
Legacy of Emma Lee December 2013
Emma Lee
Play-a-Sax January 2012
Sea-Arama February 2012
Lasker House March 2012
Architectural Remnants
Texas Heroes: An Instructive Game April 2012
Texas Heroes
Col. Marius ChataignonMay 2012
Colonel Marius S. Chataignon
Young Henry Rosenberg June 2012
Presentation Silver
Falstaff pub handleJuly 2012
Galveston Brewing Company Artifacts
USS Texas flagAugust 2012
Spanish-American War Artifacts
Netsuke September 2012
Japanese Netsukes
E.S. Levy Ad October 2012
E.S. Levy & Co. Artifacts
Native American jewelry November 2012
Native American Jewelry
Joseph Imhof December 2012
Joseph Imhof
January 2011
Bronze Chalice
February 2011
Civil War Dental Surgeon
March 2011
Ivory Walking Stick
April 2011
Hunting & Conservation Stamps
May 2011
Engelke Crockery Relics
June 2011
Gregorian telescope
July 2011
Georgian Sugar Tongs
August 2011
Graphophone, ca. 1898
Police artifactsSeptember 2011
Police Relics
October 2011
1890 Veiled Prophet's Ball Invitation
November 2011
Mayor John Allen
Interurban Model Train December 2011
The Interurban Model Train
January 2010
Victorian hair jewelry
February 2010
Carved Peruvian gourd
March 2010
Novelette Triplex Camera
April 2010
St. Peter of Alcantara
May 2010
Mustache cups
June 2010
Barong from the Philippine-American War
July 2010
Key to the city of Niigata, Japan
August 2010
Neapolitan mandolin
September 2010
Samuel May Williams waffle iron
October 2010
Moroccan scimitars
November 2010
Barrel butter churn
December 2010
Ceramic spittoon
July & August 2009
Foot stocks from the
old Galveston County Jail
September 2009
Cel animation of "Sneezy" from
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
October 2009
Early 20th century crystal ball
November 2009
Miniature model of an
antique hand pumper fire engine
December 2009
Purity Ice Cream Co. glassware
The Rosenberg Library suffered extensive damage on September 13, 2008, from Hurricane Ike. During the remainder of that year and until the summer of 2009, the museum was closed to the public while the library underwent reparations and restoration.
January 2008
Japanese tsubas
February 2008
Vintage Mardi Gras gown sketches
March 2008
Hand-colored lithograph of St. Patrick
April 2008
Galveston's early pharmacies artifacts
May 2008
1927 swimming trophy
June 2008
Antique stereoscopes
July 2008
August 2008
Sacred Buddhist objects
September 2008
Vintage paper dolls
The Rosenberg Library suffered extensive damage on September 13, 2008, from Hurricane Ike. During the remainder of that year and until the summer of 2009, the museum was closed to the public while the library underwent reparations and restoration.
January 2007
American art pottery
February 2007
Vintage valentines
March 2007
Eanger Irving
Couse painting
April 2007
1800s antique
German steins
May 2007
Souvenirs related to
Galveston’s gambling era
June 2007
Pottery shards and projectile points
from Galveston’s earliest inhabitants
July 2007
Artifacts related to
the Washington Guards
December 2007
Antique magic lantern
January 2006
March 2006
Israeli silver coin, an Italian dagger,
and French cameo glass
April 2006
Texas League baseball
May 2006
Civil War battle of Galveston
June 2006
Historic New England artifacts
July 2006
René Lalique artglass

August 2006

Kachina dolls
September 2006
1871 pewter
communion set
October 2006
Aboriginal Australian artifacts
November 2006
August Rollfing
December 2006
WWI Trench Art

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