Harris Gallery

In preparation for upcoming renovations, the Harris Gallery
exhibit will be closed.

Galveston Photography: 1860 – 1890

Rosenberg Library proudly announced its exhibit: Galveston Photography, 1860 – 1890.

The exhibit included the earliest known photographs of downtown Galveston which were taken by Sache & Potter Studio in 1861, just before the Civil War. Other images included the aftermath of a devastating hurricane that struck the island in October 1867 as well as damage from a downtown fire in 1877. One of the most striking images in the exhibit was a photograph of three men in a canoe resting above a frozen Galveston Bay after a winter storm in 1886.

Other interesting images were stereographs created by Galveston photographer P.H. Rose in the mid-1880s. Steregraphs are double images from slightly different perspectives which appear as a single, three-dimensional image when viewed with a stereoscope. Special viewing lenses were available in the exhibit gallery so that these photos could be seen as originally intended by the photographer.

  • Central Wharf, 1861