Lykes Gallery

In preparation for upcoming renovations, the Lykes Gallery
exhibit will be closed beginning November 6, 2018.

The Lykes Gallery holds the Rosenberg Library Museum’s only permanent exhibit. Recessed into the walls of the gallery are ten glass cases containing artifacts significant to Galveston Island’s history with descriptive information on beautifully designed boards.

Founders of Galveston contains Karankawa native American artifacts and early navigating instruments.

A City of Firsts holds historic artifacts from Galveston’s early enterprises and representative of Galveston’s Texas “firsts” such as first telegraph, first telephone, and first hospital in the state.

The Texas Navy case contains telescopes, scales and charting equipment.

The Battle of Galveston exhibits artifacts from the October 1862 Civil War battle in Galveston Harbor, including Confederate and Yankee effects and souvenir cannon balls.

Immigration: “The Ellis Island of the Southwest” showcases articles brought by immigrants to America and includes a page of signatures of petitioners for American citizenship.

Port of Entry holds imported goods and traveler’s items from the early days of Galveston.

Cotton Is King contains goods relating to the Texas cotton industry and shipping.

The Strand and Downtown case holds articles from Galveston’s early commercial enterprises.

Natural Disasters showcases the Great Fire of 1885, the 1900 Storm, and Galveston’s recovery, including the monumental grade raising and seawall construction. It also contains a digital slide show.

Tourism and Entertainment holds relics from Galveston’s golden era of entertainment, gambling and tourism in the early 1900s. It also contains a digital slide show.

Other jewels in the Lykes Gallery include a unique video tour of the Galveston Ship Channel (from the vantage of an authentic ship’s wheel) and a soothing audio backdrop of Galveston sounds.