Past Gallery Exhibit – On The Run

Currency, Credit and Capitals of the Republic of Texas

Budget shortfalls, government gridlock and a national credit crisis! This might sound like a list of headlines in the recent past but these themes echo back to an important era of Texas history. On the Run: Currency, Credit and Capitals of the Republic of Texas detailed the fascinating financial history of when Texas was its own independent nation. The display, guest curated by James P. Bevill, author of The Paper Republic, included 106 money-related documents from the Republic of Texas era (1836 – 1846) and 70 coins, currency and documents related to the earlier period under Spanish and Mexican rule (1535 – 1835). The majority of these items were on loan from private collectors and are rarely shown to the public. On display were the very first payments issued by Texas, examples of nearly all of the unique bills of the Republic, Sam Houston’s presidential paycheck, personal artifacts from Commodore Edwin Moore of the Texas Navy and many more.

Not to be missed, this unique collection of early Texas currency, drafts, vouchers and paper money tells a unique story about the hardships of the newly formed nation, which teetered on the brink of military and financial extinction during its ten years as an independent republic. Admission to all exhibits at the Rosenberg Library is free.

Republic of Texas $5 “Star Note, DOLLRAS Error”, one of the artifacts featured in On the Run.